March 3, 2020

Iconium film series wins award

Our team is honoured to have won an award for the work we did with Strathcona County Economic, Development and Tourism. This award indicates our company scoring among the best for the 2019 Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award, where more than 1400 entries came in from 10 countries.

The SIA, Summit International Awards honours the best web, design, video, advertising, interactive, mobile and social marketing from creative agencies worldwide. The SIA has three different award groups – creative, marketing effectiveness and emerging media. Strathcona County has won Platinum in Marketing Effectiveness (MEA).

This award competition is based on the premise that the goal of marketing communications is to change, influence, or reinforce an audience’s knowledge, attitudes and beliefs. Using this premise as a basis for its judging criteria, the competition is a true arbiter of marketing communication effectiveness. (SIA Award letter) 

“This award shows the talent, creativity and technology which our videographer (Iconium) brings. It also proves that the YOU CAN campaign is working and getting worldwide attention and recognition. But it also speaks to the individuals whom we chose to interview and feature in our business success stories. Success breeds success! In Strathcona County, YOU CAN.”

- Richard MacDonald, Small Business and Tourism Specialist, Economic Development and Tourism.

Watch the entire YOU CAN Series.

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